About The Artist  


My name is Maggie Henry and I am a current resident of Thornton, CO. and Bonita Springs, Florida.

Art has been a life long process and for the most of my life I have been interested in my personal discovery that comes with experimenting and working with many different materials and different modalities. 

From watercolor painting, mixed media collage artwork and acrylic painting, each form of these arts add to my knowledge and my skill level.

As a child I discovered that I had a natural talent and was lucky enough to be surrounded by family that encouraged me to be creative and enjoyed my work. 

Currently I paint with watercolor and acrylics which lend themselves beautifully to my artwork. I love the versatility of these mediums, for they are water based, and lend themselves to using color washes, they have a quick drying time, and are an asset to my work.

Through the play of light, shadows, subtle changes in color and my attention to detail, my paintings take on a life of there own. 

Most of my art is a discovery process. I find a subject that interests me and then I work to make my vision a reality. For me all subjects in the natural world have always had an appeal to me.  

By loving all things in nature, I can share my passion with you and hopefully express that emotion or feeling to you... the viewer, in my art.


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Website: www.ArtByMaggieHenry.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/ArtByMaggieHenry

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/artbymaggiehenry/

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